1. Ed To

    Hi. I am not a programmer, I learned pascal and a bit o C long, long time ago. But I do find data visualization and analysis very exiting these days. Should I start with a course in general programming? I see there is one in Coursera. Thanks!

  2. Hi Ed. I’m a pretty lousy coder myself, but that didn’t deter me starting with the Computing for Data Analysis Coursera course. That would be a great start, but personally I believe you’d be better off with one of the general data/information visualization courses.

    Alberto Cairo’s second round of the course starts today, and it might be too late to register for that. But if you could do that, I believe that would be the best option anywhere to get started. It is for people with all skill sets. Katy Börner’s course starts in 10 days and is probably also very good. But I do think that her course will be more science/academia minded and therefore maybe a bit heavier than Alberto Cairo’s which is geared more towards journalism.

    You don’t need to code to make great data visualizations. I personally like the added possibilities it gives, but understanding what a great data visualization is before digging into code is the best way forward, I’d say.

  3. 1/13/2013

    Give Dex a try for code less visualization. It’s not as polished as the others but can do some surprisingly cool stuff! I am biased though as I am the author. http://dexvis.com

    – Pat

  4. Matt Dever

    I took several courses from Katy Borner at Indiana University. If you can get in, I highly recommend her.

  5. Thanks for the comments, guys. Patrick, I will definitely take a look at Dex, and Matt, thanks for the endorsement of Katy Börner. Great to hear from someone who has actually taken courses by her!

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